Our Pastor

Pastor Paul Johnson has been serving at Grace Baptist Church of the Comox Valley since 1994, when he responded to the Lord’s call to the ministry.

Prior to that, Paul worked as a chartered accountant while assisting the church planting effort of his brother, Don Johnson, at Grace Baptist Church of Victoria. Paul, his wife, Cindy, and their family had moved to Victoria, BC, in 1990 specifically to help with the church there.

Born in Alberta, Paul grew up in a home where both parents were believers, and as a young boy, he received by faith the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour. He attended Bob Jones University, a Christian university in South Carolina, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. Paul married Cindy shortly after graduation and moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he became a certified public accountant. For the next nine years, Paul worked in secular employment there, until the Lord burdened Cindy’s and his heart to help in a church planting ministry.

That got Paul to Victoria, as noted above, and after a little more than three years there, the door opened to take the pastorate in the Comox Valley. This was the consummation of the Lord’s call to the ministry that originated some thirteen years prior when Paul was a third year student at university. The Lord has continued to use Paul’s training as an accountant, since he is currently bi-vocational, working part-time in public accounting.

It is Paul’s desire to “be diligent to present himself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth,” as he preaches Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

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